Information for Exhibitors

Date: 2 August - 4 August, 2019

Location: BMVK Exhibition Center, Szentlőrinc, Hungary (GPS: 46.042992, 17.979246)

Baranya Megyei Vállalkozói Központ is the organizer of the annual agricaultural and food exhibition, the Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok. Since it’s an exhibition and fair for professional farmers, the Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok showcases only the finest and newest, technologically advanced agricultural and food products and services available, such as innovative farm machinery, drainage and tile equipment, alternative power services and providers, crop protection materials, livestock and livestock equipment, grain storage and handling, fertilizers, lawn and garden equipment, various food retailer products, special food ingredients, glassware, baking needs, etc.

Application for Exhibitors

Exhibitors can submit their applications through our website, thanks to our dedicated online registration platform. As always, our exhibition presents Exhibitors with a great opportunity to create strategic partnerships and build long-term business relationships. The Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok awaits you!

Apply now:

Thanks to our environmentally friendly solution, application for the upcoming Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok has never been easier. Should you need further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Baranya Megyei Vállalkozói Központ Alapítvány
Address: 13 Felsőmalom Street, Pécs H-7621
Telephone: +36 72 214-050

Advertisement and marketing

Since we are aware, that advertisement and marketing is crucial for Exhibitors, we woulld like to offer you our exhibition marketing services. Capitalise from promoting your brand and services to all visitors and potential business partners. Please let us know, in which service your company is interested in:

Placing advertising billboards at the Exhibition
Radio spots aired at the Exhibition  
Advertisement in the Exhibition’s official catalogue marketing_3
Place your logo on the official Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok homepage  marketing_4



Documents for Exhibitors

Price list for Exhibitors (2019) (Hungarian version) Last modified: 11 January, 2019

Early brid discounts for Exhibitors (2019) (Hungarian version) Last modified: 20 March, 2019

Other documents

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