BMVK Exhibition Center

  • Location: BMVK Exhibition Center, Szigetvári street, Szentlőrinc, Hungary (Central Europe)
  • GPS coordinates: 46°2’25"N 17°58’43"E
  • Exhibition area size: 81.600 m²

Szentlőrinci Gazdanapok nagyobb térképen való megjelenítése


  • Exhibition Hall (“A”) and Tent Pavilion (“B”), a total of 1 100 m² of indoor exhibition space,
  • traditional tatched roof exhibition buildings and cattle pens for livestock and pets showcase (livestock show),
  • 30 000 m² of grass-covered outdoor exhibition space,
  • horse racing track,
  • food court with traditional ovens,
  • outdoor parking space,
  • built electrical wire and water systems,
  • ISDN phone lines and wireless internet access.

„A” Exhibition Hall

szentlorinci-gazdanapok-a-pavilonSize: 300m2
The exhibition bureau is located in the 150 m² Hall, as well as the toilets for Exhibitors.

„B” Tent Pavilion

szentlorinci-gazdanapok-b-pavilonSize: 800m2
Our Tent Pavilion’s serves as one of our main indoor exhibtion space.

Traditional tatched roof exhibition buildings with cattle pens

szentlorinci-gazdanapok-karamkomplexum-1The exhibition space for showcasing livestock and pets is a traditional tatched roof building (made of timber and water reed) of more than 5 000 m² and consists of 11 constructions, including several cattle pens.